Before we embark on our survey adventure, let’s take a moment to appreciate Del Taco’s savory creations. From their iconic tacos to their mouthwatering burritos, they’ve been tantalizing our taste buds for years. And now, they’re giving us a chance to have our say.

Take Del Taco Survey


Take Del Taco Survey

Myopinion.deltaco.com Survey of FAQ

  • Question – What if I don’t have my Del Taco receipt?

Answer – To be part of this flavor-filled survey, you’ll need a recent Del Taco receipt. It’s your golden ticket to sharing your thoughts, so don’t lose it!

  • Question – When are Del Taco’s operating hours?

Answer – Del Taco restaurants are like your trusty food friend—they’re open round the clock, every single day. Late-night cravings, anyone?

  • Question – Who owns Del Taco?

Answer – Ray Kroc has been the sole owner of Del Taco since 1995, ensuring we keep getting our delicious fix.

  • Question – How many Del Taco locations are there?

Answer – Del Taco boasts a whopping presence with numerous locations across the country.

Take Del Taco Survey

  • Question – How often can I participate in the Del Taco survey?

Answer – There’s a limit of survey participation, typically not exceeding a certain number of surveys from the same store in a month.

  • Question – Where can I get Del Taco gift cards?

Answer – You can score Del Taco Arch Cards on the Del Taco website or at various retail outlets like Safeway, Kroger, and Amazon.

  • Question – Can I check my Del Taco gift card balance online?

Answer – Absolutely! Visit the official Del Taco website to check your gift card balance.

  • Question – What’s the deal with the Del Taco survey code on my receipt?

Answer – That 26-digit survey code is your gateway to survey participation. It’s your way of saying what you loved about your Del Taco experience.

  • Question – What rewards can I get from the Del Taco survey?

Answer – By participating in the survey, you might score yourself a free meal or some sweet discounts. Your opinion is your ticket to flavor and savings!

Take Del Taco Survey

  • Question – Will Del Taco identify me through the survey?

Answer – Nope, your survey responses are as secret as your favorite secret sauce. Del Taco won’t reveal your identity.

  • Question – How does Del Taco handle negative feedback?

Answer – Del Taco is committed to making things right. They take negative feedback seriously and use it to improve.

  • Question – What’s the time frame for using Del Taco survey codes?

Answer – You’ve got up to 7 days from the date of purchase to use your survey code.

Final Bite: Your Opinion Matters

So there you have it, folks. Del Taco values your taste buds and your thoughts. Your participation in the Myopinion.deltaco.com Survey helps shape the future of Del Taco. Head over to Myopinion.deltaco.com and let your flavor-filled opinions be heard. Who knows, your next Del Taco feast could be on the house! It’s a win-win situation – you share, they improve, and you get rewarded. Let’s embark on this delicious journey together!

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